What we do

Starting life as a Facebook support group for people to share their experiences about mental health, Tidy Butt now offers wellbeing talks to businesses and schools as well as mental health support with our community focused wellness walks and cold water dipping sessions.

Wellbeing Talks

Our wellbeing talks have taken us all over South Wales and given us the opportunity to share our mental health and wellbeing presentation at schools, businesses and sports teams

Tidy Butt - Wellbeing Talk

We deliver a powerful mental health presentation that is authentic, relatable, informative and educational.

Former Wales international rugby player Rhys Thomas shares his inspirational story and struggles with mental health and addiction whilst sharing his life lessons and his ability to build resilience in the process.

"An incredibly powerful and personal presentation that had a profound effect"

— Sarah Anderson

Tidy Butt - Wellbeing Talk

During this thought provoking presentation we talk all things mental health and wellbeing by covering key elements that mental health is built around.

We also look at the connection between mental and physical health, the things that could impact our mental health both negatively and positively and the things we can control to positively impact our own mental health and mood.

"What you're doing has definitely helped me to be more open and positive, thank you."

Tidy Butt - Wellbeing Talk

We have delivered our presentation to over 10 schools since our registration as a charity, working with schools to help students to better understand their mental health, as well as giving them coping strategies and a greater self awareness.

Our presentations have given us the opportunity to speak to and help thousands of people and look forward to growing our wellbeing talks further.

"My form group came away in awe of the words you shared."

— Bishop Hedley School, Merthyr Tydfil

Mental Health Support

Our wellness walks and cold water dipping group sessions are big part of what we do at Tidy Butt, bringing people together to help with many of the issues surrounding mental health.

Tidy Butt - Mental Health Charity. Wellbeing Talks and Community Events

When out on one of our wellness walks you will get to meet new people, improve health and chat with like minded individuals.

Its an extremely relaxed setting for all cardio vascular abilities, but don’t forget your dog and your flask.

Using many of the benefits of physical activity and being out in nature, wellness walks have provided a way for our community to share experiences with each other.

"Thanks for organising the walk, everyone was so encouraging and supportive"

— Rhys

Tidy Butt - Mental Health Charity. Wellbeing Talks and Community Events

Our cold water sessions are facilitated by Matthew who’s an experienced cold water dipper himself and is someone who has experienced the benefits first hand.

These Cold water sessions gives you an opportunity to connect to body and mind in ways you may have never experienced before.

There are many benefits to this amazing practice including reducing stress and anxiety, building confidence and many health benefits. More info can be found on the Tidy Butt Library.

"I felt so relaxed and my mind was cleared."

— Mikaela