Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I went into the hospital with an empty carrier and came out with a baby, at that point I realised " oh this just got real".

I remember it like it was yesterday that feeling of pride watching the women I love put herself though the pain of childbirth whilst I sat there unable to do anything apart from rub her back the wrong way!

I remember that feeling of joy and relief that everything went well, and from that day on my life changed forever.

What do I do next? I've never changed a nappy or made a bottle, evening routines, early mornings, late nights and any spare time was spent sleeping or sleeping.

"I'm not superdad as the title suggests, I'm a man that have helped to create two amazing children that I think the world of, but 13 years later still get things wrong."

Can I do better? Am I good enough? And is he better than me? Was questions I asked myself on a regular basis. But as time has passed, I've come to the conclusion that I can only do what I think is right.

As my children are both growing into young teenagers my role as a father will be to love, support, encourage, inspire and be patient. To communicate better, be conscious of the present and appreciate my time with them as children because before we know it they've grown up and moved on to the next chapter in there life.

We all make mistakes but that’s how we learn the best lessons.

Take time to appreciate what we have and be grateful for family and friends.

I hope your tidy butt if your not that's ok to.


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