We all have something to say, some more than others some worse than others, but ultimately, we all have the right to an opinion.

Negative bias

We are all guilty of focusing on the negatives. As humans we tend to remember traumatic events better than positive ones, remember insults better than praise or respond stronger to a comment you dislike rather than one you do like.

It's the bad things that grab our attention more than the good, they stick in our mind and in many cases effect the decision we make.

That hurt!

Do you take people’s opinions to heart? Do you fester over the opinions of others for days, weeks, months or even years? Constantly beating yourself up and worrying over things you can’t control. We end up in a mind war with ourselves stressing and overthinking which slowly but surely starts to take us over.

I'm in control.

How we choose to take other people’s opinion is our responsibility, we must take control of our thoughts. We are never going to please everyone and shouldn't try to. We all process things in different ways, digest the good, consider the bad, reject the negative and move on, life is to short. Discarding the negative opinion of others whilst focusing on the good will have a massive effect on our mental health.

Take care of your own mental health as if it was your best friends.

I hope your tidy butt if your not that's ok to.


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