About me

Who am I 

I'm a man, a man who for years has not been in control of his mind.

Thinking and doing the wrong things on a daily basis became normal until NOW! 

Matthew  Creel

I'm 38 years old have 2 amazing children and a wonderful wife but something wasn’t right, that things was me! I would love to share my story with likeminded people and support anyone where possible. I'm not a professional but I'm a Brilliant cwtcher and even better coffee drinker. 


With the increased cases of mental health in the valleys and surrounding areas my aim is to raise awareness. 



I'll be writing a regular blog post where I've researched or experienced something that could be useful in helping with our mental health or wellbeing. 



Like I said I'm not a professional so my aim with the podcast is to bring as much value as possible though interviewing professionals in their field. Whether its mental health, wellbeing, coaching, exercise, diet and so much more. 


Through regular blogs and podcasting we can help to break the stigma on mental health. 


I hope your tidy butt if your not that's ok to.